Binatone HC 430
hair Clipper, power adjustable length 9.5 W, haircuts, flushing heads, mains/battery
Main characteristics
Appointment hair clippers
Number of nozzles for haircuts 14
Power 9.5 W
Setting minimum hair length 4 mm
Display True
Hull material plastic
Hull material Plastic
Set maximum length hair 40 mm
Adjustable-length haircuts False
Complete Set
Number of nozzles for haircuts 2
Nozzle for bakenbard and beard haircut True
Nozzle for adjustment of length False
Hairbrush False
Brush for cleaning False
Scissors False
Butter for greasing False
Food AC/battery
Time of work 60 min
Number of batteries 1
Charging time 8 ч
The ability to charge False
Backlight True
Possibility of washing heads False

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